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Frequently Asked Questions

What teams are within the Engineers Without Borders University of Florida, Gainesville Chapter?

Our chapter includes a general chapter and two international teams: the Peru and Nepal team. We used to have a general chapter, however we shut it down to consolidate our teams.


The Peru team is an international team with application-based recruiting. The team is currently working with Maras, Peru, which faces water quantity and quality issues.


The Nepal team is an international team with application-based recruiting. The team is currently working in Phoolbari, Nepal, to provide clean and accessible water to schools in the village through a rainwater catchment system. 


How many sub-teams do you have? 


We have four sub-teams: communications, design, fundraising and public relations. 


The communications sub-team serves to connect the team with key community members in Peru in order to keep an active, collaborative partnership.


The design sub-team applies engineering principles to design infrastructure that will improve water quality and quantity in our partner community.


The fundraising sub-team actively monitors the UF community and potential stakeholders by seeking corporate sponsors and individual donors.


The public relations sub-team develops communication strategies to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between our team and our publics, including but not limited to the UF community, donors and partners.


When do you recruit new team members?


We recruit at the beginning of the Fall semester. We do not recruit during the spring or summer semesters.

Can I apply to two different sub-teams?


The application allows you to list your preferred sub-teams from 1-4. We will always consider you most for the sub-team you rate the highest, though you may be chosen for another.

If I am not chosen for my preferred sub-team, am I still considered for the team? 


You will still be considered for the team. The application includes a section where you can write about your qualifications for your lesser preferred sub-teams.

What if I am accepted into a different sub-team than the one I selected?


Although we consider you most for the sub-team you rate the highest, it is possible to be selected for a different sub-team if you meet the qualifications. If this happens, you have the option to accept your admission into the team or to decline. Keep in mind that you can change your sub-team after serving on the team for one year. 

Can I apply for the Peru team and the Nepal team?


Yes, you can apply to both international teams. However, if you are accepted to both international teams, you can only join one. 


What are you looking for in a team member? What makes an ideal candidate?


While each sub-team looks for specific skill sets, an ideal candidate for the Peru Team is one who is passionate about helping a community in need, open to learning new skills, and a committed team player. We also want team members who align with our values of service, creativity, honesty, growth, and diversity and inclusion. 


I’m not an engineering student. Can I still apply to join your team?


Yes, you can apply as a non-engineering student.  Our team consists of a diverse set of students here at the University of Florida.  EWB Peru needs team members with expertise outside of engineering such as videography, public relations, fundraising, Spanish, etc. Do not be afraid to apply.



I’m a graduate student. Can I still apply to join your team?


Yes, if you are a graduate student at the University of Florida you can apply to our team. 

Do you host any information sessions? 


We typically host 1 to 3 information sessions during the fall semester. To stay updated with our recruitment events, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Can I apply next year if I am not accepted?




Do you give application feedback to those who were not accepted?


Yes. Once admission decisions are sent out, you can reach out to meet with us to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your application. 


I do not attend the University of Florida (Go Gators). Can I apply?


We only accept UF students as team members. Fortunately, there are 165 active student chapters of EWB-USA whose websites you can explore. If your university does not have a student chapter, we encourage you to email for guidance on how to start a chapter at your university.


How did COVID-19 affect the team? 

The spread of COVID-19 led us to host all of our meetings on Zoom during that time. Our summer 2020 project implementation was postponed, and we remotely implemented in Summer 2021. We are back to travelling and implementing in person now!


What are your diversity and inclusion initiatives? 

We value diversity of thought, culture and academic background. To foster inclusivity, we introduced a mentorship program and a diversity and inclusion committee. We also host discussions around cultural diversity in relation to our partner community in Peru, and we encourage our members to also share their cultural or personal experiences. Additionally, we have taken steps to improve our recruitment process and to ensure that all applicants are considered fairly. 

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