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  • Hiba Pirani

EWB Peru Goes Camping

This past Friday, we traveled to Ginnie Springs and stayed at a campground that we reserved just for our team! The day consisted of many exciting and fun activities such as board games, telling scary stories and making smores by the campfire, and more.

The next day’s activities comprised of volleyball, swimming, kayaking, and a game that we called the Alien Invasion Egg drop game.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Alien Invasion Egg Drop game. This game combined team building, communication, and engineering, so it was perfect for us! The background of this game is that everybody has been captured by aliens and the only way to get released is to help the aliens drop their eggs onto Mars without breaking them. So, to put it more simply, the objective of the game was to protect the eggs from a fall. To carry this out, we made separate teams that were split into the roles of noisiest, quietest, and blindfolded. The noisiest ones were only allowed to communicate ideas on how to protect the egg using body language. The quietest people weren’t allowed to move but they could talk freely. And the blindfolded ones were allowed to move and talk, but of course, they were blindfolded. This exercise was a success as almost all of our eggs did not crack and we all learned different strategies from each team.

This camping trip helped us take a break from school, connect with each other, and make our team stronger. This was our first camping trip as EWB Peru but it was such a success that we could see it becoming an annual trip for the team!


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