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This past Thursday, we had our second GBM of the semester and discussed exciting developments for our UF Peru Chapter. To start off our meeting, we played an ice breaker game, called Fishbowl. All our members participated in guessing, reenacting, and describing certain words. When it came down to the final round, both times scored an even number of points and there was a tie!

After our icebreaker, we jumped right into "Member Minutes", where we learned more about some of our passionate members, including Delanie Monroe and Andrew Stein. After these fun activities and presentations, we talked about the EWB Merge that is currently in the works. This merge would entail both EWB Peru and Nepal coming together to create a total of four different teams, including the Peru Project, Nepal Project, Fundraising, and Public Relations. To oversee both Nepal and Peru’s operations, there would be an E-Board implemented to help bridge ideas and information. With all of this in mind, our members discussed certain implications and concerns with this merger, as there are still some logistics that need to be completely ironed out. In addition, many insightful questions were brought up by our members, as we all hope for this transition to be as seamless as possible for both teams.

Once we concluded the merger discussion, we moved on to proudly announcing our new leads for next year! The new leads for next year are excited to take on their roles and do everything they can to support our meaningful endeavors in Maras Ayllu. Our members are also excited for this next semester and the promising guidance that they will be led by!

After the new lead announcements, we then went through each sub-team's updates. The PR sub-team began, by discussing how we got EWB stickers, made it onto ESSIE’s Instagram page, are working on our annual report, newsletters, and blogs, plus how we are updating travel information on our EWB Peru Website. Once this was all said, we took a GBM group picture. The Design sub-team then began discussing their updates, which included how we are acquiring information on types of pumps and pump failure modes for our potential project. Within this research, the Design sub-team also explained how they are asking questions to the community regarding whether the pump can be repaired or must be replaced. With all these important developments, the Communications sub-team announced next that they finished up the Community Application, including the necessary Community Statement of Intent and Letter of Endorsement, which is great progress! Finally, the Fundraising sub-team announced that we have our Valentine’s Day Fundraiser on February 13th and 14th at Plaza of the Americas!

After all of these team announcements, our members were informed about our Lake Wauburg Social. We are excited to have everyone come together! After our GBM, our members participated in Salsa for some team bonding! Overall, this meeting was very insightful and fun for all our members at EWB Peru!


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