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January Updates 💧

Welcome back! We're so excited for 2019 and this spring semester. Here's what's been going on with EWB Peru Team this month: 

We're finalists for the $10,000 Projects for Peace grant! Our communications team and fundraising team worked hand-in-hand to submit an awesome application. We would like to applaud our communications team lead Paola Mendoza-Perilla and our fundraising team lead Robert Feder for giving a brilliant presentation.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated to our mission so far! If we receive this grant, this would leave us with approximately $5000 left to raise. If you would like to donate to our cause, please visit our fundraising page where you can donate to our team or to a specific team member. 

Our fundraising team is in the midst of our most ambitious fundraising venture yet: our sponsorship packet campaign. Thank you to A&V Refrigeration and Florida Septic Inc. for sponsoring us! To learn more about our sponsorship benefits and how you and your company can get involved with our team, visit our sponsorship page.

In order to facilitate future communications with local engineers, the communications team has been putting together a database of engineers local to Maras, Peru and the surrounding communities. The database specifies the type of work they do, the equipment they have available, and where they are centered in Peru. 

We will be hosting a restaurant fundraiser with the EWB Nepal Team in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

The Nitty Gritty

The communications team is in contact with a local engineer who is helping the team collect soil and water flow data. This information will help the design team determine which design and material will be best to use for the irrigation reservoir.

The design team is finalizing their water balance with the help of our faculty adviser, Dr. Wise, who was featured in our first #FacultyFriday post on social media.

Water balance: study of the inflows (rain, precipitation, canal flow rate) and outflows (evaporation, infiltration) of the designated land to determine the dimensions of water storage available.

We are so excited for everything that lies ahead in 2019, and we have no doubt all of our teams will work hard to make this year our best one yet! Go Gators! 🐊


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