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March Progress 🌷

It's finally spring! 🌷 Here's what's been going on with EWB Peru Team during the month of March:

We're happy to announce that our project was selected for the Davis Foundation grant through Projects for Peace! This $10,000 grant will help us in our mission to bring clean water to Maras, Peru. We would like to thank our communications team lead, Paola Mendoza-Perilla, and our fundraising team lead, Robert Feder, for representing our team and giving a powerful presentation. We celebrated our accomplishment by having some pizza pies and some real pies on Pi Day!

Our fundraising endeavors aren't through yet! Our fundraising team is currently reaching out to rotary clubs and continuing with our sponsorship packet campaign. Thank you to A&V Refrigeration and Florida Septic Inc. for sponsoring us! To learn more about our sponsorship benefits and how you and your company can get involved with our team, visit our sponsorship page. If you would like to donate to our mission, please visit our fundraising page where you can donate to our team or to a specific team member.

Sofia, a representative from Blue Missions, came to speak to our team about Blue Missions irrigation work in the Dominican Republic. We are always looking for ways to learn from other organizations and create connections.

The Nitty Gritty

For those more familiar with our work, our design team is about to submit our Alternative Analysis report to EWB-USA. An Alternative Analysis report discusses other possible alternatives to our current design and plan. We study these alternative projects so we are prepared to act if something does not go as planned while traveling.

Our communications team has been in constant contact with Emilio, our engineering contact in Peru. He provided us with soil data, and we recently discussed with him some design concerns we had about the elevation of the land and the piping system for the reservoir.

We will be traveling in August, and we are currently in the process of nominating new team leads.

That's all for now. We hope you have a warm rest of the month, and we'll see you in April. Go Gators! 🐊


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