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Senior Sendoff 2021

At the end of this month, we will watch many of our seniors graduate and embark on the next chapter of their lives. Although we will miss them on our team, we are excited to see what they will accomplish next. As they prepare to advance toward their careers, we asked our seniors how the UF Engineers Without Borders Peru Team has prepared them for the future.

Lauren Judah

What personal and/or professional skills have you gained from your time with UF EWB Peru Team?

“EWB has given me the space to learn and improve on several skills. I have been able to improve my technical drawing skills in AutoCAD as well as learn new software such as GeoStudio, which has taught me how to assess geotechnical stability and safety factors. EWB has also given me leadership opportunities, where I have improved interpersonal skills such as team planning and delegation.”

Lauren Judah, Design Team Lead 2020-2021

Ali Hatfield

What experiences (organizing a fundraiser, designing a part of the project, speaking to a community member, assisting in a social media campaign) have allowed you to gain these skills?

“Being on the design team meant taking lots of information, or uncertainty at times, and determining how we are going to best utilize our resources to create a beneficial design. Actively listening to each member's ideas and input allowed for the best designs to be put forward as each person had different areas of expertise.”

Ali Hatfield, Design Sub-Team

Adrian Cruz

What is your fondest memory as a member of the team?

“My fondest memory with the team was our 2019 Christmas theme social that I helped plan with my Mentor Val!”

Adrian Cruz, Communications Sub-Team

“One of my fondest memories was the workshop and field day that a local engineering company hosted for EWB. The purpose was to learn how to weld liners efficiently but they also provided advice on how to do engineering in the industry. I had a great time that day!”

Andres Pulido, Communications Sub-Team

“My favorite part of every design meeting was hearing Lauren's fun fact of the day and then listening to everyone's answers to the fun question of the day.”

Ali Hatfield, Design Sub-Team

Andres Pulido

How has your experience with the team prepared you for your career?

“My experience with the team has made me confident to

take on new challenges when diving into my international development consulting role in the future. It has made me realize that humanitarian aid is something feasible to accomplish with a great team.”

Adrian Cruz, Communications Sub-Team

“I have not only learned critical thinking skills when analyzing documents but, by looking at our team leaders, also gained insight into how to manage people and keep them motivated to work towards a common goal.”

Andres Pulido, Communications Sub-Team

“EWB has given me great preparation for my career. I hope to pursue a career in international development, and EWB has prepared me with the design skills and creative-thinking skills to come up with solutions for complex problems. EWB has also prepared me to examine how a community’s culture plays a role in engineering design.”

Lauren Judah, Design Team Lead 2020-2021

We’d like to thank our seniors for the time and effort they put into our team during their years at the University of Florida. They came to us as students, and they leave us as professionals. We are sure they will bring the same passion and ingenuity they brought to the team to their future careers.

Congratulations, graduates!


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